Rob Thiemann

Work / Projects


I made numerous contributions to the "Hello humankindness" campaign. Here's a maternity TV spot.

Dignity Health birth centers - "Hello"
Art Director: Sara Worthington
Creative director: Margie Chidley
Recognition: Creativity - Pick Of The Day

And this video serves to remind Dignity Health employees why they come to work every day. Grab some tissues.

Dignity Health Employee Video
Art Director: Deanna McDonald
Creative Director: Cindy Hammel


Oakley is a legend in eyewear.
We won the pitch by glorifying their product.

Oakley - Pitch Work

Oakley - Pitch Work
Art Director: Matthew Wakeman
Creative director: Mike McKay

Then we glorified the athletes who wore them.

Oakley - This is the year
Art Director: Ronnie Allman
Creative director: Matt Wakeman

Interactive/Social, Political

The Troy Library was about to be shut down.
They asked for our help.
This campaign won a pride of Cannes Lions and bunch of other awards, some of which I had never heard of before.

Troy Library - Book Burning Party
Art Director: John McClaire
Creative directors: Glen Hilzinger / Bob Veasey
Recognition: Cannes Lions, Effies, Epicas and a few others.

Websites, Mobile, Tablet

At Leo Burnett Detroit, I worked on a number of digital initiatives. I wrote the 2014 Silverado website, the Chevy/Buick/GMC MyLink websites, created some mobile banners and lead an initiative to turn GM's paper catalogs into tablet apps.

2014 Chevy Silverado Launch Site

2014 Chevy Silverado Launch Site
Creative directors: Juan Castro/Rich Conklin

GM was still printing paper catalogs for all their models by the hundred thousand. We launched an initiative to turn it into a digital catalog with dynamic interactive features to help people fall in love with a car before the sales person tries to sell it to them.

Buick "Tabalog" Initiative

2014 Buick Verano Interactive Tablet Catalog
Art Director: Mundocom
Creative director: Bruno Hohmann/Rich Conklin

Chevy's 2014 Silverado launch plan included two billion banner and mobile impressions. I felt it would be worth it to try to make some mobile ads that didn't suck. Our vendor liked the first one so much they gave us the second one for free.

2014 Chevy Silverado Launch Mobile Takeovers

2014 Chevy Silverado Launch Banners
Art Director: Marius Indrei
Creative director: Juan Castro


Grey Goose asked us to make 15 second TV spots to fulfill their legal obligation to promote responsible drinking.


15 second "Sip Responsibly" spec videos

Mobile App

U-Haul Tetris. Anyone who has moved has played it.

U-Haul Packing Practice
Art Director: Lana Shahmoradian

Dating advice manual

Hause of Howe makes really nice shirts. The type of shirt girls who stay the night choose the next morning.

He Gets Around

Art Director: Jeff Dryer

Random artistic outbursts

A few answers to, "Does this exist, and if not how hard would it be to make it?"

Kushy Thoughts

As marijuana becomes legal in an increasing number of states, consumer-friendly products won't be far behind. The initial idea was "The Bazooka Joe of weed." A website and a twitter feed garnered us a small following and some press.

Art director: Brian Vandeputte
Recognition: SF Egotist, Denver Egotist, The Dieline


Heroes on Vacation

Social real-world graffiti

Heroes on Vacation

While driving around Detroit with a friend we wondered, "What if the statues went on vacation?" So we gave them one (Opens in a new window/tab.) No Photoshop or arrests occurred doing the completion of this project.

Art director: Brian Vandeputte


What About Detroit?

Craigslist posts

I called out other cities on Craigslist for not being Detroit.
No one ever replied.
Then I moved.

New York, NY.

What About Detroit? New York

Austin, TX.

What About Detroit? Austin

No. Really. What about Detroit?